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The only media buying software that puts native advertising strategies on autopilot. Enter the world of autonomous, cross-platform native advertising campaign management. Maximus interfaces with the major advertising platforms of Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, Taboola, Content.Ad, and RevContent.


Maintain a goal margin by adjusting bids up or down.

Auto Optimization

Auto-optimize your campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Real Time Estimates

While other networks may be delayed, Maximus streams ad cost and revenue in real time.

By working with
Maximus, users will
have the benefit of
and scalability beyond
that of any other
service provider.

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Campaign, image, site reporting:
See all aspects of a campaign in real time.


Try working campaigns on other networks with a click of a button.

Scale Budget

Never stop a winning campaign because of a budget issue.

Conversion Pixels

Use a pixel anywhere to track revenue and conversions on a campaign.

Geo Targeting

Setup campaigns that send users to a variety of locations.

Presell Conversion

Flag presell conversions with a pixel.

Minimize Loss

Set a maximum amount of money to lose.

A/B Landing Tests:
Send traffic to multiple landing pages.

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Ramp Up Traffic

Turn on recovery mode to increase traffic to meet your goal click count.

Click/Conversion Log

Track clicks and conversions in real time.

Site Level Bidding

Increase or decrease bids based on site and performance.

"We have selected Maximus Live, llc. to be our native advertising automation partner. After years of running native manually, it took only minutes to realize that the value Maximus brings in terms of scalability and efficiency is unprecedented.
—Jeronimo Folgueira, CEO, Spark Networks

"With Maximus, we feel like other companies have basically zero chance to compete with us because we can launch and manage more profitable campaigns."
Ryan Scibelli, CEO of Advida

Maximus integrates with industry leaders like...

Maximus: Crush Native Advertising. Maximize Your Profits!

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Payment Information

Starter: Manage $75,000 spend per month then 7.5% overage on monthly spend that exceeds the current plan.

Professional: Manage $150,000 spend per month then 5% overage on monthly spend that exceeds the current plan.

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