Our Story

Automate your native campaigns. Be first with Maximus.

After spending tens of millions of dollars buying media, we realized that having one platform to increase efficiency and automatically optimize the campaigns at all the different networks was the only way we could scale our media buying team. After a very dissatisfying search for such a machine, we took it upon ourselves to build it out. Herein lies Maximus.

Maximus’ patent-pending technology, Fire & Forget™ enables us to automate the media buying process. Maximus works around the clock to make real time adjustments and optimizations to your campaigns, improving performance and increasing ROI 24 hours a day. Instead of spending days testing multiple platforms, landing pages, and assets Maximus analyzes trends to better identify where and how you should spend your ad dollars, significantly cutting down the amount of manpower and money needed to test while speeding up the media buying process to reach peak scalability. Translation: You save time and money all while increasing revenue.

Welcome to Maximus, the only place to Maximize profits & Minus the Losses

Joshua Keller, 41, is a managing partner and member of Global Agora, a venture capital fund with locations in New York City, Miami, Austin and Los Angeles. During his tenure at Global Agora, Mr. Keller founded Union Square Media Group, a leading ad-tech company founded in the heart of New York City. From 2001 to 2009, Mr. Keller focused on business development at various internet marketing and digital advertising agencies. Prior to his time at Union Square Media Group, Mr. Keller co-founded Headlines & Heroes, LLC, and has worked there in various capacities. Mr. Keller currently serves as director of Global Agora, LLC since June 2015 and of SUP ATX since June 2010. He holds a Bachelor degree in Music Industry Studies from Ithaca College (1998) in New York.