Frequently Asked Questions


Maximus was designed by media buyers for media buyers. It's the only native media buying platform that puts advertising strategies on autopilot. You set rules and goals for your campaigns, and Maximus uses patent-pending Fire & Forget™ technology to optimize them in real time. Maximus interfaces with five major networks, allowing you to set up and run campaigns from a single platform.
Maximus currently supports Gemini, Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent and Content.Ad
Most major features are available for each of the five networks (Gemini, Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent and Content.Ad) we support. However, in combining all five networks into one simple to use platform we have not duplicated every individual feature of these networks. If you feel Maximus is missing a crucial feature please let us know at
We’d love to hear about any feature that you’d like to see implemented. Email us at with any suggestions.
Behind the scenes, Maximus has a large team of professional developers and big data infrastructure specialists. Our platform is secure and has been tested for vulnerabilities and data security. We built Maximus to run our own traffic after many years of experiencing the pain of managing campaigns at a large scale; we work hard to ensure our own money and traffic is safe so you can trust that your campaigns are safe.
Maximus never sleeps. Managing campaigns from one location, being able to clone a campaign from one network to another, and real time clicks built into a single system makes Maximus a helmet above anyone else.
We strongly recommend against making adjustments in campaigns at the network site. Without full visibility, Maximus is unable to accurately optimize campaigns that are changed outside of the system.
We are a native advertising platform that unifies a number of premium discovery platforms and demand side platforms. Instead of being one DSP, Maximus is five.


Reporting is updated on clicks regularly every 90 seconds. During periods of bursts in traffic, it is possible to experience minor delays (2-3 minutes).
Maximus serves clicks directly — no waiting on network reports to get counts. Clicks are tracked in real time and are calculated at your current CPC in order to provide an ongoing estimate of billable clicks. Estimates generated by Maximus are generally within 10-15% of actual billable clicks from the network.
Maximus knows your CPC bid at any given moment and keeps a record of every click traceable back to a campaign. With a combination of data and a unique algorithm, Maximus can usually determine your actual spend (sometimes delayed hours by the network) within 10-15%. Estimated spends are calculated throughout the day and are usually locked by 1 p.m. the following day.
Maximus uses a special conversion pixel placed on the checkout pages of your funnel. Maximus will pass along a unique click ID that allows us to identify the campaign, site and image that the user came from. Maximus works with Cake, Voluum and HitPath right now, but custom integration is available via our support email. Email with your conversion requirements.


Maximus looks closely at your campaign settings and chooses two things to optimize: either defending your bank account by reducing bids on campaigns that are losing money or scaling a profitable campaign up to the limits that you set. These decisions are made in near real time and are fully customizable by you.
Maximus watches your clicks in real time to determine whether you have stopped receiving traffic. If clicks have fallen off, bidding will be increased by a factor of 10% from your current CPC bid to your max CPC bid until you start receiving traffic. This is the counter move to a campaign that was performing poorly but is still worthy of a bigger shot.
Your dog might miss the long walks, but you can control everything if you choose to. Maximus allows for individual rules as well as all rules to be immediately disabled. If you’re monitoring one campaign closely, Maximus is a central location to get all information, real time clicks, and reporting — even if you don’t use every single optimization rule.
If your campaign is losing money on the estimated spend, Maximus considers this a loss. With rules that are applied to one day loss, Maximus uses the estimated spend and your revenue generation to determine the loss. If it exceeds the number specified, then CPC is dropped to the minimum CPC bid.
As campaigns reach their daily budget caps, Maximus will increase your budget to prevent traffic from stopping. On a very successful day, a campaign may increase many times over it’s starting budget. On the next day, this potentially artificially high budget might not be relevant so Maximus will reset it to your daily budget reset number.