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We like to introduce Maximus to first time users as a humatic solution to dominating the native space. Humatic media buying is a delicate balance between autonomous buying and the human touch.

Think of Maximus as a combination of the cunningness of the human brain paired with the technological breakthroughs of automation. Can you smell the short work weeks and triple digit ROI yet?


$999 for
$150,000 Spend

Please note: After $150,000 a month in spend your account kicks over to a percentage of spend. The rate is 7.5% of all spend monthly after $150,000


Invoice Only

Annual discount via invoice for $10,000 as well as personalized training from our media buying experts.

All Plans Include:

  • Maintain a goal margin by adjusting bids up or down.
  • Auto-optimize your campaigns to maximize your ROI.
  • Stream ad cost and revenue in real time.
  • Try working campaigns on other networks with a click of a button.
  • Never stop a winning campaign because of a budget issue.
  • Use a pixel anywhere to track revenue and conversions on a campaign.
  • Setup campaigns that send users to a variety of locations.
  • Flag presell conversions with a pixel.
  • Set a maximum amount of money to lose.